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This first one is a compilation of photos of Max growing up put to music. 






This one is of our Mals playing with Go Dog Go Fetch Machine, They play with this for many hours.











This video is of me training with Max at 6:30am. We do get out every morning 7 days a week first thing.











A very short video of Roxy climbing a tree













So you think you want to own a Belgian Malinois? Watch this first










Max and Roxy playing in the snow













Training with Max early morning 












Using a drone to track how fast Max can run











My first video with Max, he was just about 12 months at this time






Video on raising Belgian Malinois

This is a very dangerous situation and should be avoided at all costs. Two Belgian Malinois colliding 

In this video I show how I have trained our Malinois for Tornado Shelter, this is ongoing and I would suggest you always train your dogs to get into the shelter.

This is a short video I did with Max at the end of April 2016, just getting back to basics 

In this video I have Grace at 5 months old completing some basic training Heel , sit, down etc.

In this video I train with three Belgian Malinois, without treats or collar or leash

This video show Roxy our Belgian Malinois jumping over a 5 foot fence and looking through a window, she is relentless in trying to be included in everything

Working with Max on some training with a tug, his favorite past time, I do not work with him much on the tug as these seem to wear down the enamel on their teeth.

Working with Grace on the Tug, she loves this

Working with three Belgian Malinois at one time