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I have learned some valuable lessons and decided to pass this information on as I wish I would have known better. In trying to do the very best for my dog Max I have inadvertently hurt him many times. So live and learn. 


Raw diets: without the proper knowledge and understanding of what to feed, how to prepare and how to feed a raw diet then DO NOT DO IT. Raw pork is deadly as can be other foods, Study, Study and then study some more, then talk to lots of people with your breed about raw diets then study some more. Then at the end of the day just find a good quality kibble and feed them that. (My Opinion)


Next up: Tennis Balls, yup do not play with your dog that has its adult teeth, as tennis balls are manufactured to be played on asphalt so they are made to be very abrasive which in turn wears heavily on your dogs teeth, I have learned the hard way with Max having to have a root canal and cap $2,500.00. Update: 8-28-2016 a year later and Max is have the other three Canines capped today because of wear on the teeth












Next up: Plastic containers, do not store Kibble in plastic containers, I do not understand everything it does but smart enough to listen to my vet on this and not do it anymore. 

UPDATE: Because of excessive wear on Max's canines he now has all four canines capped