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The Shoe

The Shoe, I wondered where that puppy was this morning and when I found her she had taken my wife's shoe outside and decided it was very tasty indeed. I brought the shoe in to show the wife and the look on her face was heart breaking as she had not a new pair of shoes for a very long time and we just bought these the other day from Famous Footwear, she said they were very comfortable and that she liked them a lot, since it was Friday she would wear them to work but now she had to wear the old beat up shoes again. I told her no worries and she looked at me like I am crazy (she does this a lot) I said just take them back and get new ones, she said they will not take them back because the dog chewed on them, I said well why not? there was not caution on the box or any notice in the box that dogs loved these shoes and there was a possibility that if you have a dog they may take them and destroy them, I went on to say that it couldn't possibly be her fault that she left them on the living room floor as she had no idea that they could wind up as chew toys, I mean how could you possibly know as again there was no caution on the box or notice, I said certainly the manufacture and Famous Footwear knew that these shoes could possibly be used as chew toys and should have had the notice. So I told her to take them back and exchange them, I told her one thing I have learned over these last eight years is nothing is our fault, all fault belongs to the corporations, they knew about the hazard and failed to notify us as a consumer right? My wife is very conservative and looked at me and said: " You are an idiot" and walked out the door to her job she has had and gone to for the last 18 plus years every single day even when she was sick, snow on the ground rain etc. When she left I had to smile ear to ear for I am lucky enough to be married to a woman that has conservative values, and the strength to tell me I am an idiot.