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House Of K9 Testimonials

How fortunate we are to have this trainer breeder in our country and he's made himself so entirely accessible to everybody such a fine combination of training and what I think is probably the best dogs in the country he's so well-educated at all the different lines whatever elements could be possible in the future every one of his pups or a success story when there's so many of them just assembly line breeding Frank is gone entirely out of his way to breed strong and sound minded dogs with wonderful temperament thanks for all that you do for all of us Frank

Kathy M.

Thanks to Frank Davis and friends! 


My experience with Frank Davis has been positive from day one. Firstly, I found the house of k9 through the internet. I was doing searches for a Belgian Malinois through websites and pages but I was unimpressed with the results. Some of the breeders had little to no information about the origin of the parents or a history of the puppies from birth. Well, this is where things are different with the house of k9. I found Frank Davis through the AKC where he is registered as a breeder of top Belgians. 

Next, I reviewed the information about the sire and female before proceeding to contact the house of k9. Each Belgian Malinois was documented with extensive history about the parentage plus the training that Frank Davis has provided. 

Most of all, I was very interested in the photos of the puppies that were available during the 2018 litter. Each puppy had a name and a personality. I could see the differences between one puppy versus another. This point was reassured as weekly updates about the puppies were available for review. As the weeks progressed, I found nothing to keep me from adopting a house of k9 Belgian Malinois. The Breeding is excellent, the training was first class and the puppies looked healthy and well kept. Therefore, I made the decision to contact Frank Davis and apply for a Belgian. I wanted Frank to know that I would take care of a Belgian like it was my only child. Since the day Frank allowed me to adopt a Belgian my life has changed. 

Max and I spend our days together either playing ball, frisbee or hiking along a trail. These days Maximus is happy to rest inside since the weather is quite hot, but he still wants to visit with his friends a Siberian Husky and a German Shepherd


Kind regards, 



Frank is a great trainer and very patient with you and your dog. Mia loves to go there and play with all the wonderful obstacles he has made for training. Definitely recommended by German Shepherd Girl.

House of K9 has helped me so much with my dog. We've bonded so much more with the training we've been through and I'm so excited to keep going and see what else we can accomplish!!!

Leslie D.

I could not be happier with the care and training my dog receives with Frank at house of K9. Weather it is watching her for a week or while he keeps her for training I never have to worry about the care that my dog gets!

Bud P.

We purchased a dog from house of K9 earlier this spring. Frank was very easy to deal with and communicate with. His dogs are incredibly high quality and exactly what he says they're going to be. I personally appreciate the fact that they are all tested through OFA and certified. I also appreciated that he let us personality test the pups until we found the one that would suit us the best. The dog we purchased is certainly one of a kind and exactly what we'd hoped he would be. Not only is he an excellent quality but quite easy to teach, very very smart, and a very high ball drive. We are very excited for the future of this dog as not only is he to be a family dog but he is also to be out on the streets with my husband as a police K9. We will certainly look to house of K9 the next time we want to purchase a dog and certainly recommend him to anybody


David and Lisa Sloan

Ruffner Family

First class breeder who's got a+ faciltiies, expert knowledge of the breed, and helped us have a very positive experience with our new Belgian Malinois. We have a great family pet thanks to Frank at K9. Highly suggest him, he truely cares and it shows.