About us

Welcome to House of K9 where we specialize on training the human side of living with your four legged family members.
We started our venture as regular pet owners like most people. With our selection of a specialized breed namely, the Belgian Malinois, this quickly turned into a hobby focused on training and competition. Our interests grew to breeding and completed all the certifications for OFA hips and elbows in the range of normal to excellent. Our dogs are AKC registered and have premium bloodlines.
Our focus now is to provide training in obedience and agility for any breed. We have expanded our facilities to include a 20 kennel daycare and long-term boarding. We have a Board-and-Train program and puppy kindergarten.
Included in our new state-of-the-art kennel building is a whelping program to help those dog parents ensure safe delivery and care of their new pups. We also invite you to shop in our online store for high-quality items and food.
We are located in Porter, Oklahoma, and welcome you to check us out, visit our web page, Facebook and YouTube.



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