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The Rescue

When we met, you were scared, malnourished and you did not even understand what a ball was or how to play, you knew only one thing and that was to wander back and forth, we understand you grew up in a kennel and a good chance you did not get out much, we brought you home and started a journey with you that changed our lives all over again as we did not know many things about you, we did not know that you were an Alpha female, we did not know you were very dominate, we did not know you would bite without provocation, we did not know you would have dental issues that cost so much, we did not know you are

so afraid of storms that you would run though the house and jumping on counters knocking over everything in site, breaking things and much more, we did not know that fireworks were going to make you do that all over again, we did not know that because you have been spayed you would be incontinent and would involuntarily urinate on our carpet, we did not know we would forever be giving you a daily pill to control this

What we learned was that you are a very loyal friend, we learned that if we spend some time with you that you will learn how to do some things like play with the ball and be very passionate about it, we learned that you are very fast and that you love to chase birds, we learned that you

Are easily trained to do many things, we learned so much in the coming months and you became best friends with Max, we found some hidden tricks that you were hiding such as healing, and jumping into our arms. 

Over the months there were many trials to go through with you and at one point we actually made the decision to have you live with someone else, this lasted just about 24 hours and I was begging to have you back home, to this day that person misses you just after having you for one day. 

With all the bad you have much good in you Roxie Marie, welcome home. 

Roxy in Flight