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Will Your Dog Attack An Intruder

This is a question many dog owners ask themselves over and over, for many the answer is yes my dog will bite you if you come in my Yard/House, sadly the truth is actually no they will not. Most dogs will bark and these barks are more out of fear than aggression, many folks that have dogs and they see how their dogs react when in certain situations take that as a clear signal that their precious Fido will get the job done. 


There are two scenarios in which people should be asking, 1. An intruder comes into your home when you are away, what will your dog do? Most will watch and they might bark but they will not attack. 2. An intruder comes in your home while you are present, there are many scenarios here, one of which is, as you are sitting quietly reading a book and a large bang on the door and all of a sudden someone is inside your house, what will your dog do?  It has been our experience over 95% of dogs will run away, Is your dog one of these? 


We offer intruder testing, we have a decoy enter your home in both case scenarios and test your dog's reactivity. For a price quote fill out the form on the right and we will get back with you. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. 

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