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If you are considering one of our Belgian Malinois puppies we require these questions to be answered to be considered for adoption.  It is our goal to breed Belgian Malinois that exceeds expectations, these puppies will be more than the average person can handle, they are working dogs and they require a large amount of exercise and training, they are a 15-year commitment. Please be sure you are absolutely ready to take on this challenge before proceeding. 

1. Why the Belgian Malinois

2. What is the goal for your puppy/dog IE: Schutzhund, Ring sport, Search and rescue, Personal protection, pet.

3. Have you ever raised a Belgian Malinois or a high energy working dog? 

If you answered yes, what breed? what was end result? do you still have this dog

4. Will the dog live in the home with you

5.  Are you or will you be using a professional trainer

if yes name of trainer and location.

6. Will the dog at any time be tied via a chain or rope to keep contained

7.  Do you own or rent

if you rent have you discussed this breed with the landlord.

8. Is there a 5 foot or higher fence in the area the dog will be mostly living? 

Thank you for your understanding in completing this form,  you can print and send to [email protected]