Belgian Malinois Breeding rights

                         Belgian Malinois Breeding Rights

There is a lot of unscrupulous dog breeders out there and they will sell their puppies to anyone without researching who the prospective buyer is or what kind of environment a puppy will be growing up in, unfortunately, it's all about the all mighty buck, how irresponsible. I am not that dog breeder especially when it comes to selling my breeding rights, I believe Sire and Dam should be at least 24 months of age and have been proven not to have hip or elbow dysplasia by The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Most breed registries say it is appropriate to breed at seven months old, I disagree with this practice because the puppy is still growing up to 24 months of age, so how can you be sure puppy does not have any hip or elbow joint anomalies which can be bred into future litters of this dog.  I have only heard of one Malinois having elbow dysplasia but that is not a gamble I am willing to take, I want to be apart of breeding this very painful joint disease out of this breed not adding to it. If you decide not to purchase one of our dogs I do hope you will keep this information in mind when shopping elsewhere for a puppy.

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                        This is how the breeding rights work.

Pretty simple really, nobody gets breeding rights when they initially purchase one of my puppies, I will sell the breeding rights of puppy when buyer returns at 24 months with proof from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals that dog has been graded negative for hip dysplasia with a score of normal or better and negative elbow dysplasia with a grade of normal. There will be a $750.00 charge for breeding rights plus all administrative cost from AKC will be your responsibility.  When you purchase a puppy you will receive AKC registration paperwork but it will be LIMITED, the dog is eligible to compete in all AKC-licensed events except breed competition at an AKC-licensed dog show.