Belgian Malinois Puppy Pricing

All Puppies are 2,000 and sold on a limited AKC registration, you can read more about breeding rights here, I would agree that price is important as is getting the right healthy puppy. All of our adult breeding dogs are extensively health tested for a myriad of issues that affect the Belgian Malinois and we do not breed them if they have any positive signs of any of the following: Hip and elbow dysplasia (OFA Certified, eye problems 
(OFA Certified) we also check for Mucopolysaccharidosis VII (Shepherd Type) and Degenerative Myelopathy, again all of our breeding dogs are cleared for all of the above, in addition, we do not breed dogs that are not mature or 24 months of age. We also have every puppy checked by our veterinarian for everything from teeth to heart and they also administer all vaccinations, if there is ever an issue with a puppy he/she will not be sold or depending on the severity we will always inform of any issues with a puppy, we also ask that you get the puppy to your vet within three days to have him/her health checked and to get a process started for keeping your new pup healthy. 

A couple of notes on a down payment, to place a hold on a puppy it requires a deposit of 500.00, this is a NON_REFUNDABLE deposit, unless we are unable to provide you with a puppy, so if we did not have enough in a litter we would refund the deposit, the reason for the deposit is so you are assured a puppy and places you in line, first one to put down 500.00 is first etc, at no time will I let someone choose a puppy before the person that placed a deposit before him or her. You can place a deposit of 500.00 via pay pal at [email protected]. All funds are paid by cash at the time of pick up, no checks, no credit cards. No puppy will be released without payment in full. 

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