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HOK9 Grace

Belgian Malinois Grace

Grace is very smart and very friendly her ball drive is through the roof and she is very aggressive on the bite work, she engages and re-engages, Grace is not one to give up or give in. She has had eyes OFA certified and her hips certified as excellent and elbows certified as normal. She has also had genetic testing completed and has passed with flying colors with Paw Prints Genetics and Embarkvet, Click Here to see those Results. This breeding with Grace and Maximus Samuel has been planned over a couple of years, both a great around people, kids, and other dogs, our dogs are trained for obedience and protection, they are worked and trained daily and exceed in everything they are asked to complete.  Grace has a BH in Schutzhund.

HOK9 Grace is now retired from breeding, she had five litters.

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There are no words that can explain the love for this dog, she is truly one in a million, there is the House of K9 Pack featured in this video as our love for all of these dogs are great, this song by Celtic women is one of Debra's favorites so this is for her and Grace, just to be clear that as of the making of this video Grace is alive and well and we hope to have in our lives for many years to come, there are times when I am overcome with such feelings that just cannot be explained and through music I hope you can understand. Thank you for watching

Grace OfA Cert

Belgian Malinois Grace