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These videos are a few of the many days and nights I have gone through training Max our Belgian Malinois.

The latest video in September 2015, we are doing much better and we will get the BH in October

This video was done in September 2015 getting ready for our BH in October, We get better everyday.

This video was shot in September 2015 With Max at a park in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Gettting ready for his BH in Ocober, Most of the problems are with me the handler, as is the case most of the time, just remember its not the dog it is the handler, or so I have been told, I mean how can it be my fault right.




Working with Max on an assortment of training, this was not controlled very well and probably cost me more work than it helped.

This Video I layed out a short track for Max Our Belgian Malinois