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A list of costs for boarding your dogs at House Of K9

We have 20 6x8 kennels with outdoor access the outdoor access is also 6x8 the daily boarding fee is $32.00 we can house two dogs in each if you have dogs that are currently residing together it is an additional $15.00 per day.

We have a 12x8 kennel that is separate from the main building and closer to the residence this kennel has its own heat and air with a 20 x 10 outside run this kennel is $38.00 per day and can also accommodate an additional dog for $15.00 additional per day 

large dog boarding suite located in Porter Oklahoma

We have our large suite that is next to the residence with heat and air with a large yard this kennel is $45.00 per day and can accommodate three dogs at $15.00 additional per day 

Large Kennel yard at House Of K9 Large dog kennel located in Porter Oklahoma House Of K9